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Hi there!
welcome to my UXD land.

Empathetic UI designer / UX researcher dedicated to empowering and improving people's lives by creating user-centered, inventive, simple-to-use, and impactful digital products.

​I feel that research is the foundation of a great product.

Project 1
Citi Retail Service

_ Citi Retail Service

Partner Deltas-Workflow

I've worked on many exciting projects: Citi Retail Services with multiple partners, and Citi Pay Service.

Join me as I share my UX design journey in the financial sector, where I've focused on enhancing user experiences for retail interactions and auto payments.


Project 2
T-Mobile - UX design / research

_ Redesigning the website to gain consistency

Telecom. UX

Introducing T-Mobile real time work.

- Building design system apple HIG components

- Documentation of components

- Sharing few wire frames and prototypes

Untitled design.png

Project 3
Medicare - Health assistance app

_ Revolutionizing Medical service

A Health care service

Introducing Medi-care. A health care informed booking assistance for all your health and wellness needs. 


Project 4
Coffee Machines - startup business

_ Increasing start-up coffee machine sales online

Coffee King - Responsive site

Introducing coffee king.

A responsive web design for a start-up coffee machine seller.


Project 5
Cupid - Dating app

_ An online dating app to find real connections

Dating application

App can diminish the stigma of online dating and possibility improved their experience.


Project 6
Urban real estate - buy/sell

_ Stay tuned for properties always

Urban real estate - responsive site

This website makes it simple for residents of Washington to find a home to purchase or sell.

Laptop image - PNG.png
Mobile - Png.png
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